Tabreed Bahrain

Mr. Andersson President of Golden Forest AB was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Bahrain District Cooling Company (Tabreed Bahrain) from February 2007 until February 2011. Tabreed Bahrain is the first district cooling company in the Kingdom distributing chilled water for use in centralized air conditioning systems for a diverse range of building sizes and functions. Mr. Andersson was as CEO responsible for re-organization and set-up of a well functioning organization, development of a corporate strategy and long term business plan, hiring of key-managers and staff and the implementation of a large District Cooling scheme with initial investment of US$ 250 Million.

Murmansk, Ryssland

Golden Forest’s President Bernt Andersson was appointed by a consulting team consisting of SWECO and COWI to lead the support and supervisory works for the implementation of the 30 Million EURO Murmansk District Heating Rehabilitation Project. The work includes procurement of equipment and installation works according to the World Bank procurement guidelines, evaluation of tenders, preparation of contract documents, design assistance, project management and set up of a project accounting system. The technical systems to be upgraded are building heating substations and distribution piping networks. In the boiler plants new burners will be installed on existing boilers and a new SCADA system implemented. As a result of these improvements the district heating system will be converted from an open directly connected system to a closed indirectly connected system. When implemented the investment is expected to reduce the fuel consumption by 25% – 30%.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

On August 24, 2006 Golden Forest signed a representation agreement with Landfeld Quasa Engineering SDN BHD. The intention is for the two companies to work together for developing projects and business in the Malaysian market in the areas of district cooling and combined heat and power (cogeneration) utilizing different fuels like natural gas and biomass.

ENA, Enköping

Golden Forest prepared a business plan structure and provided advice on how to develop a business strategy for the company. ENA is one of the most advanced district heating companies in Sweden with own production of biomass from energy forests and a CHP plant delivering power to the electrical grid and heating to the well-developed district heating system.

Liepaja, Latvia
Liepaja Energija – subsidiary company of Latvenergo

Golden Forest prepared an evaluation of a business case for the installation of a new Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant in Liepaja to provide thermal energy to the existing district heating system and electrical energy to Latvenergo. Different technologies like gas turbine combined cycle, gas engines and biomass fired steam cycle were evaluated. The most suitable option was selected based on the best technical/economic performance for the conditions in Liepaja.

The Sixth Framework Program, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium

Golden Forest’s president Bernt Andersson was appointed as Chairman of the Advisory Board for the PolySMART project, covering POLY-generation with advanced small and medium scale thermally driven air-conditioning and refrigeration technology. The objective of the project is to facilitate the market entry for small and medium scale tri-generation systems. The project is financed by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework program, and includes participants from 32 European universities, research institutes and manufacturers.


Market research of the Russian market for prefabricated, pre-insulated district heating pipes on behalf of an investment fund that was investigating the viability of investing in a piping manufacturing company.

Murmansk, Russia

Golden Forest’s President Bernt Andersson was appointed by a consulting team consisting of SWECO and COWI as team leader for a corporate development support program for the district heating company in Murmansk. The methodology for how to conduct this work was developed by Mr. Andersson. The methodology was based on modern management practices and implemented through a series of workshops. The end result was a long-term business plan for the company and a short-term action plan for the first year implementation. The work included the development of mission, vision and positioning statements for the company followed by industry and company analysis, resulting in a GAP analysis where issues/problems were identified. These were further analyzed with the help of PARTS and PEST models and work plans and resources were allocated to deal with the different issues. The focus areas for the development program were: 

Legal Governance
- Review of procedures for transformation from a unitary enterprise to a joint stock company
– Policy for selection of Supervisory Board Members
– Development of working procedures for Supervisory Board of Directors
– Training of Supervisory Board Members

Corporate Management
Human Resource Management
- Personnel Policy
– Job descriptions
– Organizational restructuring
– Cost Saving program

– District Heating operation
– Electrical distribution operation

Business Planning
- Long-term Business Plan
– Short-term, one year Action Plan

Customer Relations
- Communication Plan

Financial Management
- Management Information System
– Debt Collection
– Financial modeling
– Development of financial model
– Tariff regulations

Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Golden Forest made an appraisal of the viability of rehabilitating a district heating system serving one city area in Dnepropetrovsk. The proposed project included installation of a Combined Heat and Power plant based on a gas turbine, upgrade of the district heating network, elimination of Central Heating Points and installation of Individual Heating Substations. The appraisal included technical, financial and socio-economic aspects.

Pskov, Russia

Golden Forest in cooperation with a Finnish Consultant prepared a Corporate Development Program for Pskov District Heating Company and a review of the district heating operation, developed a long-term strategy for the rehabilitation of the district heating operation and prepared an optimized priority investment program. The long-term investment program included installation of new building heating substations, upgrade of piping networks and installation of a SCADA system in the largest central plant.

Sida, Sweden

Final Inspection of DemoEast demonstration projects in Murmansk, Pskov, Kaliningrad, Voskresensk and Sosnovyj Bor, Russia.

Liepaja, Latvia, Latvenergo

Golden Forest made a business evaluation of Liepaja Siltums district heating operation. The project included assessing the technical status, business concepts, tariff policies and financial situation as well as creating a long-term and a priority investment programs, review of accounting and preparation of financial projections. Based on the developed material Latvenergo decided to purchase the assets of Liepaja Siltums and set up a new company – Liepaja Energija.

Sida, Sweden

Evaluation of four proposed DemoEast applications from a technical, formal and strategic point of view.

Murmansk, Russia

Golden Forest’s President Bernt Andersson was appointed by a consulting team consisting of SWECO International & COWI to act as team leader for the Murmansk district heating feasibility study project. The work included assessing technical status, business concept, tariff policies and financial situation for Murmansk district heating company TEKOS. It also included the creation of a long-term and a priority investment programs, packaging of improvement components into tender packages for procurement, preparation of economic and financial analysis.

Surgut, Siberia, Russia

A consulting team consisting of Mott MacDonald of England, SWECO and AF International of Sweden was appointed as owner’s engineer and technical advisors for the Surgut Municipal Services Development Project. Golden Forest’s president Bernt Andersson supported the district heating component of the project as a sub-consultant to AF International. The work consisted of the implementation of a district heating rehabilitation program that envisaged upgrade of substations, distribution piping network and boiler plants. The work included preparation of a project clarification report, packaging of improvement components into tender packages, procurement and supervision during construction.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Golden Forest was hired by Nexant Management Consultants of USA to perform a peer review of a draft contract and tender documents for tendering a Management Contract for Sofia District Heating Company. The task was to assess and critique the commercial, technical service and financial/investment elements, to ensure that the tender was consistent with best practices related to the procurement of management contractor services for the district heating industry as well as with the best procurement practices of the public sector.

Eskilstuna Teknik och Miljö, Sweden

Golden Forest was hired to perform technical and economic evaluation of the alternatives for the expansion of the company’s existing district cooling system. The alternatives included absorption chillers in combination with the existing wood chips fired combined heat and power plant, chilled water thermal storage and compression chillers.

Town of Hinton, Alberta, Canada

For the new ECO industrial park in Hinton, Golden Forest as a sub-consultant to ERIN Consulting of Regina, was appointed to prepare a review of the option to implement a central heating system using the thermal energy of a pulp and paper mill as well as installing biomass fired heating only boilers.

HIFAB International, Sweden

Golden Forest’s president Bernt Andersson was hired by HIFAB International to organize and manage the preparation of a proposal for implementation of a district heating rehabilitation project for the city of Belgrade, Serbia. The project included management development programs as well as technical upgrades of the district heating operation.

The Fifth Framework Program, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium

Golden Forest and its president Bernt Andersson as a subcontractor to FVB of Sweden led a cooling and tri-generation cluster within the CHAPNET Thematic Network on Combined Heat and Power. The responsibilities of the cluster leader included arranging and running 6 cluster workshops and reporting to the European Commission on the results of the workshops. The European Commission financed the CHAPNET Thematic Network under the Fifth Framework Program. The project was completed by the end of 2004.

Poland, Starachowice, PEC Bugaj, owned by Caterpillar Power Ventures, Nashville, USA

Golden Forest was appointed by Caterpillar Power Ventures to review the operation of Starachowice District Heating Company, PEC Bugaj, with the purpose of reducing operating costs through technical improvements in boiler plants, distribution piping network and consumer substations. The organisation structure was reviewed and a new organisation with staffing positions drafted. The aim of the work was to identify all improvements the company could make through technical measures and corporate restructuring that would provide a simple pay off shorter than 24 months.